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Shift To Real HealthCare With Our HOPE Digital Wellness Ecosystem

Take Control

Health Seekers

On-demand, HIPAA-compliant digital health app offers providers, resources, and educational materials in six areas of whole-person wellness.


Service Providers

Join our digital health SaaS platform to expand exposure in a wellness-focused ecosystem, a straight line to targeted clientele.

savings and resources


Offer employees our digital health app to promote whole-person, preventative wellness that could lower healthcare costs.

Become a part of the first social health network owned by it's members

Put the power of digital health solutions in your hands and shift from ‘sick’ care to true health care.

Why The Health Not?™ wants affordable and preventative health care for all Americans, and hopefully the world.

Our Health Oriented Pairing Engine (H.O.P.E.) matches individuals with professionals, services, and educational materials in a proprietary, HIPAA-compliant, ecosystem from your smart device.

Specific input from users and providers creates tailored wellness solutions for personal lifestyle management spanning 6 Pillars of Wellness with real-time collaboration and gamification for maximum engagement and positive outcomes.

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Own Your Wellness

Health Seekers

Shift to preventative health with digital health tracking. Map your personalized wellness strategy in six key areas to find providers and educational resources tailored to your needs, on demand, and gamify your health for maximum, long-lasting results. How “well” are your 6 Pillars of Wellness? Our health oriented pairing engine helps establish your personal baseline with an initial checklist that begins your Path to Awesomeness. Find professional providers, resources, and educational materials to strengthen the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial, Social and Spiritual aspects of your life. Track your progress in real-time on our HIPAA-compliant digital health platform. Sign up at the bottom of this page to become a Phase 3 Beta user and help fine-tune our digital wellness ecosystem.


Client Ecosystem

Service Providers

Our SaaS platform makes you an integral part of a wellness ecosystem that pairs your services to health seekers in your area. Initial analytics show a User:Provider ratio of 30:1* in specialties that include: physical & mental health; rehabilitative, sports medicine & chiropractic; financial & insurance services and planning; nutritional & dietetic planning and education; spiritual & faith-based services and organizations. Our HIPAA-compliant digital health platform enables communication between health practitioners and wellness tracking of patients in between visits for optimal health care. Control your image in real time and better target those seeking your services. SaaS users receive analytics of user engagement and wellness statistics for your practice and region. [*Based on census bureau data for metropolitan Boise, Idaho and regions of comparable size, early phase.] Sign up at the bottom of this page to become a Phase 2 Beta user and help fine-tune our digital wellness ecosystem.


Forward Thinking Digital Health


Propel your employees’ whole-person wellness by offering them a forward-thinking digital health platform tailored to their needs and geographical preferences. Health seekers join at no cost and benefit from a variety of resources that will promote preventative care. This shift in focus, supported by their employer, will help increase morale and productivity while minimizing defensive care and overall healthcare costs. Employers will also benefit from WTHN analytics to prove user engagement, wellness statistics, and other customized reports based on employer needs. Digital health puts your organization on the track to Wellness 2.0, the future of health care. Sign up at the bottom of this page to learn how your employees can sign up to become Phase 3 Beta users and help us fine-tune our digital wellness ecosystem.

The Shift To True Wellness Begins With You

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