We are creating a space where our members and wellness professionals can work together towards the common goal of total health. Citizen science, patient power and health data analytics drive our software and applications to proactively connect you to the professionals and resources you need to live a thriving lifestyle.


It’s important to understand that your health isn’t limited to how you feel physically. That’s why we’ve developed the 5 Pillars of Well-ness. With the right care, our pillars can withstand the test of time.

  • Physical wellness is the ability to fight and recover from illness.
  • Emotional wellness includes mental health and is understanding the value of your emotions, thoughts and feelings.
  • Social wellness involves our relationships and how we interact with others.
  • Financial health should have an understanding of fiscal responsibility such as savings, investing in retirement, reducing spending and wise investments.
  • Spiritual health is not dependent on an individuals religious faith, but rather an understanding of our values, beliefs, principals and morals that guide us in life’s decisions.
  • HOPE

    HOPE is the Health Oriented Pairing Engine and the driving force for our mission. HOPE will process data from users through our unique app as well as integration with life science devices such as FitBit and Apple Watch to get to know users and their individual needs. HOPE takes users through daily questions and prompts to keep them engaged and makes recommendations for ways to improve their lives based on the 5 Pillars principle.


    Our network will remove the chaos and clutter from broader forms of social media so that our community can focus on wellness. This gives us a unique platform online that doesn’t replace or compete with established social media services, but compliments them, just as our health compliments all of our other interests in real life.


    Gamification is more than just a big fun word. It’s the process of rewarding participation in a natural way. We know that when we enjoy what we’re doing, it makes us want to keep doing it. So we’ve developed ways to reward our users through incentives like discounts, product offers and educational resources that increase their ability to strengthen their 5 Pillars of Wellness. The more progress users make towards achieving their goals and encouraging others, the more valuable rewards they receive.


    Please join us for an exclusive eat-and-greet opportunity! We have a number of no cost educational events for you to get involved. We offer lunch and learns for our daytime professionals as well as wine and appetizers for those who are free in the evening. Come network with other wellness professionals, to learn about new opportunities, referrals and the future of health technology.