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July 2016

digital health wellness solution by Why The Health Not?
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Digital Health Wellness Solution By WTHN

Why The Health Not?™ (WTHN) is adding proactive mojo to healthcare in the United States—and hopefully soon, the world, with digital health wellness solutions.

Let’s face it: our current model really represents “sick care,” a defensive approach to health and wellness. It’s also been facing rapid reform and is the ripest area for digital innovation. Thanks to tech-centric health care companies, smart algorithms for smart devices, and the “gamification” of real-time, personalized progress apps for individuals.

As a result, positive evolution is happening faster than anticipated, led by digital health solutions. And driving that evolution is a major shift in patient expectations.

Understanding Digital Health

Our current “sick care” model looks something like this:


  • costly
  • difficult to schedule
  • requires transportation
  • requires major flexibility in work schedules
  • happens after acute symptoms occur

We’ve been trained to seek medical and wellness attention after we get sick, for treatment and follow-up exams. Many preventative and wellness diagnostic tests are only covered after acute illness has already diminished our health. This defensive stance leaves us in a weaker position to regain wellness for the remainder of our lives.

Health insurance is the prerequisite to receiving professional care. In fact, it should be the last resort—as it was originally intended. Digital health solutions are empowering patients interested in real wellness, an offensive approach with greater interaction and personalized treatment from health care providers . . .

Our mission is to provide quality healthcare to every American.

Patient-doctor interaction is among one of the most important aspects of a person’s wellbeing. But shouldn’t we have on-demand access to quality professionals who can help us without breaking the bank, or waiting in traffic, or dipping into our retirement fund? We thought so. And we also came up with a digital health solution.

WTHN’s Digital Health Solution

WTHN has created an online platform for smart devices that pairs doctors and wellness professionals with patients. A real-time, wellness ecosystem, tailored to patient-specific criteria in a HIPAA-compliant, whole-person health app.

Our Health Oriented Pairing Engine (H.O.P.E.) will be ready for beta phase in February 2017. Our goal is a pure healthcare system.

  • For a fraction of the current cost of “sick care,”
  • you can get answers from your doctor online
  • and use our services to monitor your health
  • in the most comprehensive fashion you’ve ever experienced.

Isn’t this going to undercut doctors and the health care industry? Absolutely not! We would never recommend you forego health insurance coverage or avoid seeing your primary care physician. Our mission is simple: we want to keep our H.O.P.E. users in optimal health. And we want that level of health to be relative to you—not to a statistic, or to a general rule of thumb.

We’re passionate about the possibilities for the future!

Imagine being able to track the components of our wellness or sickness. Wouldn’t it be awesome to take charge of that while we’re healthy? If we monitor our whole person, as defined by the 6 Pillars of Wellness, we can better predict the need for professional help—and make smarter decisions when we do.

What would a map of your personal pillars look like? Track your physical, spiritual, financial, emotional, intellectual, and social wellbeing on a daily basis. “Gamify” your path to wellness with rewards and interaction. Even more options are in development. All features are geared toward engagement, which is how goals become realities. H.O.P.E. will allow healthcare professionals to see more patients at a lower fee.

At WTHN, we believe there’s more to wellness than taking a handful of vitamins or drinking a green juice. We believe in the power of preventative care, by measuring your health one day at a time. Our platform will also give members access to a massive referral network of qualified professionals who know what the health they’re talking about so you’re never alone in your quest for whole person wellness.

Patients have faced an insurmountable bully named the “Healthcare System” for too long. WTHN isn’t a bully (we might be the little girl at recess who pushes it backward down the tornado slide).

Join us as we create a system intentionally built for patients, by patients.

Spread the word! As we near beta launch in February 2017, you can help us achieve our dream by becoming a part of it. Sign up to be a beta user on our Home page right now!

Because Why The Health Not?™