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October 2016

Wellness Providers Meet Why The Health Not?™
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WELLNESS PROVIDERS: Good Health Is Good Business

So why is good health good business? Seems like the professionals themselves have some answers to that question. You see, I speak with wellness providers almost everyday about how Why The Health Not?™ is crafting solutions to help wellness seekers find wellness solutions. And while we hone our own approach, it’s especially relevant to view solutions that speak to the providers’ point of view.

Wellness Providers Thrive On Connections

Consequently, their connections are invaluable. Why? Because wellness providers are “in the trenches” with health seekers. As a result, these direct relationships contain valuable insights from both sides. They get to the heart of what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, if the connection between the two is clouded by miscommunication or mistrust, it can’t last and the wellness chain breaks. The top priority for these professional is to maintain a bond with every client. It sustains a patient’s progress toward better health and it also enables providers a heads up on necessary follow-ups. Maybe most noteworthy of all is it promotes sharing the latest developments and resources that could benefit the patient.

Bridge The Gaps Between Wellness Areas

As lower healthcare costs become more important than ever, the trend toward preventative care is also increasingly important. Consequently, the shift to whole-person wellness uncovers several overlooked treatment areas that are not covered by most health insurance plans. However, these have a direct impact on individual wellbeing due to the stresses they can cause. And these stressors erode confidence, motivation and even the immune system itself. Maybe if we close the gap between seekers and providers—in a variety of “nontraditional” wellness sectors, as well—this may boost preventative health practices and professions. Importantly, it may also lower healthcare costs.

P2P Communication Via Digital Health Platform

Why The Health Not?™ also believes communication is key to patients’ wellbeing. Importantly, our digital health platform is a HIPAA-compliant ecosystem through which patients and health seekers can track all aspects of their treatment programs. Imagine the benefits of being connected to your patients and the other providers who are treating complementary aspects of their health. How powerful would regular Patient-to-Provider and Provider-to-Provider communication be toward insuring health goals are met, medications are properly administered, lapses in follow up minimized? It’s possible with our digital health platform.

Do You Service A Pillar of Wellness?

While good health involves whole-person wellness, Why The Health Not?™ identifies them as 6 Pillars of Wellness. Each pillar is notably detailed in blogs and you can link for additional reading by clicking each pillar listed below. Our health oriented pairing engine (the HOPE app, slated for Phase 2 Beta February 2017), offers wellness providers a proprietary digital health platform from which they may be matched with health seekers. Therefore, if you offer services that promote wellness in

  • physical,
  • emotional,
  • intellectual,
  • social,
  • spiritual,
  • and financial wellness,

you’re also servicing an important pillar of wellness and there’s a community in our HOPE app where you’ll probably find a warm welcome.

Consider, first of all, how you can achieve the goal of these questions:

  1. can you offer better customer service to clients?
  2. could you generate more referrals from existing customers or patients?
  3. might you be more efficient in the marketing of your practice?
  4. share the costs of media, videos, or public relations with other professionals?
  5. maximize social media’s power of persuasion?

Now consider this: Join a collaborative marketing network on a digital health and wellness platform. Our HOPE app fits the bill. What it offers includes:

  • Proactive support network for customers or patients
  • proactive wellness solution for employees
  • customer acquisition tool for the business
  • collaborative marketing network to leverage referrals from like-minded businesses or practices
  • social support network and real-time wellness map for personal needs

In conclusion, the HOPE app smart algorithm matches individual consumers with wellness providers, products, services, and educational materials.

The mission of Why The Health Not?™ is to simplify healthcare by connecting people to the services and resources they need for whole-person wellness.

Join Phase 2 Beta Today

Finally, our business development team is currently filling provider spots in a variety of wellness sectors mentioned above. Most noteworthy: The HOPE proprietary ecosystem is a direct line to an expanded clientele. Additionally, you have a great opportunity to find potential clients. We forecast a health-seeker-to-wellness-provider ratio of 30:1, based on the demographics of the Boise, Idaho metropolitan region. Therefore, if you service the 6 Pillars of Wellness, we offer an ecosystem of HOPE.

So please visit to learn more about our HOPE app digital health platform. Make it your business to explore how a shift in preventative care propels healthcare to Wellness 2.0.

Because Why The Health Not?™

Develop Idaho Participant Chrissy Larsen of Why The Health Not?™
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Develop Idaho: Digital Health Start-Up Why The Health Not?™

Develop Idaho: Digital Health Start-Up Announcement

Why The Health Not?™ Offers New & Innovative Wellness Solutions

Fresh off a dramatic announcement at the annual Develop Idaho technology convention on September 14, 2016, Why The Health Not?™ (WTHN) is picking up steam toward finding principal investment. WTHN is a new technology company that is building solutions for wellness seekers and providers that maximize the user/provider relationship utilizing advances in digital health applications.

Gathering Entrepreneurial Visionaries

Notably, the keynote speaker was Gregg Kaplan, founder and former chief executive officer of Redbox. You probably already know its growth history, a VC-funded start-up and now a ubiquitous presence. Definitely a model to strive for. And, furthermore, a great showcase for Develop Idaho’s mantra of helping technology companies start, grow and thrive. Also among the attendees were many other entrepreneurs with long term visions.

One such visionary was Chrissy Larsen, CEO of WTHN, who spoke at a breakout session following Kaplan’s address. She announced WTHN has developed an algorithm that matches clients to providers, services, and educational material based on the client’s needs and the provider’s abilities.

Health Oriented Pairing Engine

H.O.P.E., a Health Oriented Pairing Engine, creates optimal patient experiences. Referrals won’t be based on word of mouth, marketing hype or advertising. Instead, the pairing engine will pair health seeker to provider along customized parameters. Each party’s needs or service benefits will be entered into their HOPE smartphone app. They’ll be matched according to their particular needs and geographical settings—similar to process of a dating app.

“The relationship between the patient and wellness professional is one of the most important instruments to health.”

Larsen stated, “Individuals are more likely to trust their providers and follow their treatment plans when the relationship with their provider is strong. This leads to better outcomes, more honesty, better diagnoses, and a higher chance of preventing long term or potentially fatal diseases. This is perhaps the most important tool in proactive medicine since mobile technology began tracking our wellness.”

Shift Toward Wellness 2.0

Additionally, Develop Idaho attendees were given a detailed and unique philosophy on healthcare. WTHN believes the foundation of a true shift toward the future of healthcare, Wellness 2.0, means actively promoting overall, or whole-person health. Larsen and her team developed the “6 Pillars of Wellness,” utilizing key insights from another Idaho organization. Healthwise is best known for its innovative publications on proactive wellness. And many are actively adopted by organizations such as WebMD. Additionally, Larsen combines her experience as a wellness provider with extensive research from her data scientists. As a result, the 6 Pillars program smartly links all aspects of an individual’s wellness to define and reach overall wellbeing.

6 Pillars of Wellness

The 6 Pillars represent wellness in Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Financial, and Spiritual portions of our lives. What is the take away? True health means all of our pillars are strong. Because each affects the other.

“People need to understand that all aspects of our life are related,” Larsen explained.

“For example, the stress that comes from being financially unstable has real impacts on our emotional and physical health. So no matter how often you see a therapist or a doctor, you’re never going to be healthy unless you address the underlying stressor. This is the same for all of your pillars of wellness.” Larsen continued, “I’ve lost too many friends and family members to preventable illnesses and it’s my personal mission to bring people education and technology resources that can improve their health and hopefully save their lives.”

Mobile App Betas

Along with the H.O.P.E. algorithm and the 6 Pillars of Wellness, WTHN shared other exciting announcements. Their first mobile app recently moved from MVP to nearing the end of its second iteration. This app, named What The Health?, expands on the company’s tongue-in-cheek name. Its anonymous messaging board allows users to ask wellness questions, provide answers to others, and seek advice about the 6 Pillars of Wellness.

Larsen highlighted the importance of anonymity. She explained it provides a safe space for people to discuss sensitive topics without fear of judgment. This fear is real, as many of us have experienced on social platforms.

WTHN will also be launching a first-of-its-kind digital dashboard. A snapshot of whole wellness is the goal. The 6 Pillars program will be user-friendly, offer real-time tracking and life mapping. Importantly, it will be HIPAA-compliant. Phase 2 Beta for the H.O.P.E. app begins February 2017.

So please visit and learn more about how to participate in this forward-thinking digital health platform.


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Why The Health Not?™ is a health and wellness digital health start-up founded in Meridian, Idaho by Chrissy Larsen. WTHN seeks to bring corporate wellness plans to health seekers, professional service providers, and employers. Its unique and inexpensive technologies and educational resources offer a proactive shift to whole-person wellness. Through engagement comes empowerment, and the success that follows. For more information about this topic, please contact Chrissy Larsen at 208-412-5159 or email at [email protected].

Health Tracking by Why The Health Not
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Health Tracking Is The Future Of Whole-Person Wellness

Why The Health Not?™ wants to be your health tracking analytics solution. Through digital health applications, smart technology, data science, and the power of the Internet, we’ve designed a matchmaking platform that makes progressive medicine attainable, affordable and available for everyone—everywhere. As a result, WTHN gives people power over their lives!

Health Tracking Means Real-Time Empowerment

In order to develop a better picture of your overall wellness, it’s essential to get involved in every aspect of your health. Since overall wellness means more than just physical health, we’ve designed our platform to be comprehensive. The 6 Pillars of Wellness that help you thrive also include Emotional, Intellectual, Financial, Social, and Spiritual health.

Customize each pillar according to your wants and needs. Then go exploring in our

  • comprehensive,
  • patient-centric,
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • ecosystem of wellness

. . . to find

  • providers,
  • services,
  • resources,
  • and educational materials

. . . that will help you strengthen each and every pillar.

Act Like An Olympian

Once you’ve got your baseline of wellness customized, you can track your progress, raise awareness of what relates to your goals, and make them happen. Did you know that one of the keys to success for Olympic athletes is deliberate, methodical charting of their health? Beginning with details of their training regimen to how much they sleep at night, their calories and workout stats—every aspect of their life is linked to numbers that correspond with their health.

Much like an Olympic athlete, the only way to really know where you stand in terms of health is by staying up-to-speed on what’s really going on. Accomplish this by using a platform that let’s you chart all aspects of wellness.

Statistics Prove Health Tracking Works

According to the Pew Research Center for Internet, sciences and tech,

“seven in ten U.S. adults track a health indicator for themselves or for a loved one . . . . Keeping notes on one’s health has been shown to be a tool for improving it, but up until now there has been no measure of how many people engage in this activity.”

WTHN’s digital health app allows you to track a variety of data, for you or your loved ones. Importantly, WTHN’s data scientists will provide analytics to prove the benefits of health tracking among all 6 Pillars of Wellness.

Additional data from Pew states the following, as reported in their article of January 2013 titled, “Tracking For Health:”

  • 46% of trackers say that this activity has changed their overall approach to maintaining their health or the health of someone for whom they provide care
  • 40% of trackers say it has led them to ask a doctor new questions or to get a second opinion from another doctor
  • 34% of trackers say it has affected a decision about how to treat an illness or condition
  • 7 in 10 U.S. adults have tracked a health indicator for themselves or for someone else

And this is only a baseline. Advances in digital health technology, including our new pairing engine, promise infinite potential, right in the palm of your hands.

Your Healthcare, Your Way

Mapping your six pillars of wellness will give you a real-time snapshot so you can spot deficiencies and positive spurts as you move toward your wellness goals. The more time, attention and effort you put into it, the more likely you’ll notice when things begin to go wrong.

This is what true health care is all about: Preventative, proactive, using digital health to put you on the offensive line of your own wellness.

Sign up for our beta phase and newsletter below!

Because Why The Health Not?™


Path To Awesomess With Why The Health Not?™
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Map Your Path To Awesomeness With WTHN’s New App

When was the last time you set a life-changing goal and failed to achieve it? Maybe your path to awesomeness was too long, too hard, or you just didn’t know where to start. That’s the case for many people: The destination isn’t the problem, the path itself is the problem. When your goal is whole-person wellness, you’ll need a path without obstruction, as short as possible, and easy to navigate.

Your Path To Awesomeness Starts Here

Why The Health Not?™ has a mission to empower you with the tools to reach your most important goal: personal health and overall wellbeing. WTHN has created a matchmaking platform designed to make progressive medicine attainable, affordable and available for everyone, everywhere. We’ve designed the framework for your own Path To Awesomeness.

Turning Sick Care Into Health Care

First of all, one of the biggest problems facing the current healthcare system is that professionals, who seem to make all the decisions, are the ones “responsible” for patient’s health. Also, treatments are covered only after the onset of disease or illness. This puts patients on the “defensive.” Essentially, our current system is “sick care.”

On the other hand, real “health care” means putting power back into the hands of individuals—before symptoms arise—in a system that allows patients to monitor their health and wellness, on their terms. Therefore, a real change won’t happen until this shift in perspective and power occurs.

Reclaim Ownership Of Your Wellness

WTHN wants to empower individuals to radically transform their personal health and overall wellbeing. How? Through the creation of a Health Oriented Pairing Engine available on your smart device, customized to your wants and needs, that gives you access to health providers in your area that match your criteria. Also, our platform offers users services, resources and educational materials that go beyond physical healthcare. Whole-person wellness also targets your emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and financial needs.

The Shortest Distance To Your Goals

Your Path To Awesomess should be straight and without detours or obstacles. WTHN’s pairing engine will steer you down this path. Important data and analytics tailored to your needs will help you find streamlined solutions to minimize trial and error. Most of all, it will also maximize your ability to discover the best treatment options in your area. Another benefit of our platform will be the experiences of other users, those willing to share their challenges and successes with others facing similar circumstances.

Join Our Beta Phase Today

The power will be in your hands in February 2017 as our beta phase begins. Give our pairing engine a test run. Put the power of your own health and wellness back into your hands (quite literally with our smartphone app!). Become an integral part of a new movement to Wellness 2.0. Sign up to be a beta user on our Home page today!

Because Why The Health Not?™