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Why The Health Not?™ believes now is the time to make a monumental shift in our current “sick care” system of defensive action to true “health care” by putting the power of preventative care and wellness back into the hands of individuals. We strive for Wellness 2.0 through the innovative use of digital health applications and analytics gleaned from our wellness platform.

Digital Health Ecosystem

Our Vision

Offering H.O.P.E. to the world: Affordable and preventative healthcare solutions for wellness seekers using our Health Oriented Pairing Engine. Our proprietary digital ecosystem will match individuals with providers of health, wellness, support, and educational services spanning the 6 Pillars of Wellness according to user-customized parameters in their geographic area. Health tracking and gamification will take preventative care and whole-person wellness to a new level that also includes educational resources and materials in a HIPAA-compliant platform.

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Our Partners

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Meet The Team

chrissy larsen CEO Founder Why The Health Not
CEO | Founder

Chrissy Larsen

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Chrissy Larsen is a veteran of the wellness sector as the former owner and operator of four health and wellness establishments, growing her clientele to over 5,000 members over sixteen years. Her expertise spans sports medicine, cancer treatment, chiropractic, life coaching, personal training, health education, organic cooking, and therapeutic massage. The loss of over one hundred friends to preventable diseases is what drives Chrissy’s zeal to positively impact the lives of others with a comprehensive tool for better education and whole-person wellness. Why The Health Not?™ embodies this passion, and through Chrissy’s stewardship is poised to become a recognized global leader in digital health, personal empowerment, wellness education and philanthropy.

Torrey Lubiens Creative Director WTHN
Creative Director

Torrey Lubiens

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Torrey Lubiens is a graduate of Northwest Nazarene University with a major in graphic design and is currently pursuing his Master of Fine Arts degree in game design. As a freelance designer, Torrey has worked with several local entrepreneurs, including MYO Gration, Pain Therapy, Spot On Musical Theatre, and local nutritionist, Sandy Kipp. His expertise in visual communications, fine arts, UX design and interactive storytelling steers the creative style of Why The Health Not?™

Anni Lubiens Brand Manager WTHN
Brand Manager

Anni Lubiens

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Anni Lubiens is a graduate of Northwest Nazarene University with a major in graphic design and studio art and a minor in photography. Her experience as a freelance designer spans numerous companies, including Modern Entrepreneur, Honeycolony and Hayden Beverage. Anni’s wide range of creative talents helps craft the all-important branding of Why The Health Not?™

Colin Currie, Technical Developer, Why The Health Not?™
Technical Development

Colin Currie

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Colin (CJ) Currie is a Unity3D guru, web developer and technical writer focusing on both common and complex gameplay algorithms ranging from multiplayer server architecture to realistic gravity simulation. His technical development skills in procedural content generation, hi-density data storage, dynamic meshes, AI and other logic-rich environments adds a tactical edge to the digital health platform of Why The Health Not?™ CJ obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and political economy from The College of Idaho.

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Meet Our Advisors

Randall Shane PhD, CTO, Why The Health Not?™
Data Scientist

Randall Shane PhD

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Dr. Randall Shane is a data scientist and developer with experience in architecture, scalable storage, core development, and machine learning with several successful exits. He is currently the department head directing data science and decision science operations at Dr. Shane obtained his Ph.D. in computer science and a graduate degree in data mining from Stanford University. His areas of interest include machine learning and artificial intelligence, and his expertise spans Python, R, MongoDB, Redis, iOS, swift, Open Source, and AWS. Dr. Shane is also the organizer of the Boise Data Science Meetup Group and will lead data mining for our digital health platform.

Brad Frazer, Chief Legal Counsel, Why The Health Not?™
Internet, IP, IT Lawyer

Brad Frazer

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Brad Frazer is an experienced Internet, IP and IT lawyer, and a partner at Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley, LLP. His practice area includes social media, Internet law, e-commerce, technology and software licensing, patent counseling, trademarks and domain names, copyright, information technology, privacy, media law, computer law, trade secrets, related transactional work and litigation. Brad is chief legal advisor to Why The Health Not?™. He holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Utah, is a graduate of the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law, and graduated cum laude from Brigham Young University.

Mark Stinson, Brand Innovator, Why The Health Not?™
Brand Innovator

Mark Stinson

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Mark Stinson is a brand innovator and consultant with BioScience Bridge, as well as a published author, prolific writer, and public speaker. He specializes in brand strategy, customer insights, market dynamics and brand positioning, offered through books, publications, talks and workshops. With a focus on the health, science and technology sectors, Mark’s proven models and techniques help Why The Health Not?™ configure a strategic road map to scale operations, plan and execute effective branding to our diverse user base, and clarify the communications and message of our digital health platform. Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications from Louisiana State University Shreveport.

Chad Davidson, Chief Financial Advisor, Why The Health Not?™
Business Strategy Expert

Chad Davidson

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Chad Davidson is a business strategy expert with Boyd Group Services with a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into VC-funded start-ups. Chad’s experience as a CPA, MBA and business development manager support Why The Health Not?™ as we defining our business structure, model financial and cash-flow forecasts, develop our pitch decks, negotiate terms with investors, and define our markets and ideal clients. Chad holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and obtained his Masters of Business Administration degree in finance from The University of New Mexico, Robert O. Anderson School of Management.

Jeff Heineman, Internal Legal Advisor, Why The Health Not?™
Internal Legal Advisor

Jeff Heineman

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Jeff Heineman has been providing legal services in the areas of contract law, commercial lease, real estate matters, business and guardianship/conservatorship law and bankruptcy law for over twenty-five years through the Heineman Law Office in Boise,  Idaho. His tailored approach to analyzing each of his client’s unique situations with education and proactive counsel supports Jeff’s role as internal legal advisor on business matters and human resources at Why The Health Not?™ as we ramp up our employee base in concert with our expansion plans. Jeff is a member of the Idaho, Nebraska and Missouri Bars and received his Juris Doctor from Creighton School of Law.

Strategic Advisors

HERO Partners

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HERO Partners

“People wonder what makes us different. We are entrepreneurs. We are deeply committed to the principles of entrepreneurism. We unapologetically believe that these principles have the power to transform the future of individuals, communities and nations.

“With this deep commitment, we partner with talented entrepreneurs who have grit and great ideas. We share the experience of our team—a team of entrepreneurs that has built several billion-dollar businesses—and we apply the processes we used to do it. This type of shoulder-to-shoulder guidance lifts vision, provides strategic clarity and uncommon confidence—all of which increase the probability of success.

“That’s what makes us different.”

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Meet The Development Team

Eric Wold, CEO,

Eric Wold

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Eric Wold is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Bottega Tech and Slate Development, as well as the CEO and general partner of Aethos Ventures, based in Utah. Eric’s passion is helping early-stage companies bring their visions to market through team building, corporate development, competitive analysis and management, creating solutions and connecting customers to those solutions. With a specialty in SaaS business models, he oversees the development of our digital health platform at Why The Health Not?™ through Slate Development. SlateDev’s in-house software engineers lead on back-end and front-end development, iOS and Android mobile applications, project management and platform support. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and marketing from Sonoma State University.

Justin Ishoy, CTO,

Justin Ishoy

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Justin Ishoy has over sixteen years experience with the technical systems in both software development and server networking and his skills have enabled numerous start-up companies evolve into large-scale public companies. Justin has participated in systems development for NBC, Intel, Novell, Fox and Adobe. His ability to lead and manage teams spans all aspects of technology with a focus on efficiency and productivity, creatively turning technology into art. Justin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Utah Valley University.

Travis Prince, Chief Revenue Officer,
Chief Revenue Officer

Travis Prince

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Travis Prince is the chief revenue officer at Aethos Ventures where he combines his sales, management and consulting experience with his passion for helping businesses successfully accelerate through the landscape of early-stage ventures. Travis has almost a decade of consulting experience in strategic business growth initiatives and on the financial side has worked with private equity firms for over fifteen years. He notably became a sales VP at a financial tech firm in his early thirties, seeing its valuation soar to $250 billion during his tenure. Travis is a graduate of the University of Utah and Utah Valley State College, in entrepreneurial studies and business administration and management.

Jesse Cooke, Chief Creative Officer,
Chief Creative Officer

Jesse Cooke

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Jesse Cooke is the chief creative and operating officer of Slate Development, where he oversees design and implementation strategies, plans and procedures, and also leads brand development, web site traffic growth, UI/UX, and the execution of marketing strategies and product development. Jesse’s extensive professional design resume includes direction for multi-million dollar brands as well as his own venture-backed creative agency that has led over 100 different businesses, both profit and non-profit. Taking concepts from ideation to reality, Jesse structures business strategy into a utilitarian framework that incorporates heightened aesthetics rooted in current design trends. Jesse has a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration and management from Brigham Young University-Idaho, with an emphasis in entrepreneurial management.

Why The Health Not IndieGoGo A Digital Health App


Shift from Sick Care to true Health Care. How? Help fund our Health Oriented Pairing Engine (H.O.P.E.), a digital health app currently in development and slated for Phase 2 Beta February 2017. Boost progress of our matchmaking algorithm and assist in curating important analytics that prove the importance of preventative care: On demand, in a real-time, HIPAA-compliant wellness ecosystem. H.O.P.E. is your digital bridge to true Health Care, with the ability to track and gamify wellness goals and progress for maximum results. Help build our bridge to H.O.P.E. and Wellness 2.0, the future of Health Care.