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Is your subconscious mind controlling your life?

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How we live—how we are—often depends, in large part, on our past experiences and the implicit memories they’ve created. These memories dwell not in the conscious mind, but just beneath, in the shadows. They influence everything we do. Growing up, we developed beliefs and attitudes about ourselves, others, the world, and the “right” ways to do…

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These people are the future of health care

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Want to know what the “next big thing” is? Ask a member of Generation Z—and they’ll Google it. The first generation born into a wired world, today’s tech-savvy teens are tomorrow’s connected consumers, promising a future in which nearly everything is virtual, and virtually everything is possible. Also known as “iGen,” Generation Z’ers comprise everyone…

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5 health-care trends to watch

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Health care development is not just about new drugs and cutting-edge surgical procedures. Technology is changing everything, including “health-seeker” expectations. As medical costs rise, many are asking why the health care system does not keep them healthy. In turn, providers and other stakeholders must begin to consider not just “health care,” but also “wellness.” Entrepreneurs,…

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For financial security, do this.

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Financial security isn’t about making or having a certain amount of money. We’ve all seen the attention-grabbing headlines about mega-popular performers, superstar athletes, and multi-million-dollar lottery winners who end up in bankruptcy court and financial ruin. Financial security is about habits and feelings. It’s about planning, decision making, and achieving peace of mind—no matter what…

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This is what Wholistic care feels like

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Creating a ‘user experience’  Imagine stepping into your chiropractor’s office and being greeted by name and a big smile. You take a seat in a comfy chair in a cheerful waiting room stocked with fruit juices and fresh coffee. Relaxing music floats through the room; in a corner, children play with toys and games. After…

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How—and why—employee engagement works

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Some employees go to work wishing they were somewhere else. They sleepwalk through their tasks, wishing they were doing something else. Others go to work with a spring in their step. They tackle every task with gusto. They take pride in what they do. These employees “engage” with their work, and are driven to succeed.…

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To reach your full potential, develop this.

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To be the best we can be, we all need to exercise–not just our physical muscles, but our mental ones, as well. “Mental strength,” however, doesn’t mean what you probably think it does. Being mentally strong doesn’t mean excelling at brain games, or being able to write philosophical treatises or calculate complex mathematical formulas. Mental…

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This is what we are doing to REDESIGN HEALTH. 14 reasons why you should join us! (Part 1 of 2)

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1.The Digital Revolution is underway—transforming every aspect of our lives, including our approach to health. Welcome to Wellness 2.0. 2. Wellness 2.0 is part of Why the Health Not’s cutting-edge system using technology to improve not just physical health, but the whole person—body, mind, spirit, and daily life. We call this whole-person approach “Wholicity,” and…

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chiropractic care for whole person wellness by wthn

Chiropractic Care for Whole Person Wellness

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Twenty-two million Americans visit chiropractors every year according to WebMD. So there’s no doubt it’s become a go-to treatment for health seekers that want to avoid surgery and/or medication. But only 35% of these patients use chiropractic for pain and injuries. Because there are many other benefits. Chiropractic Care Targets Whole Person Wellness Since Why The Health…

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Healthiest Companies In America by WTHN

Healthiest Companies in America Embrace Wellness

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“The Healthiest Companies in America award recipients prove that employers can both engage their employees and improve their health outcomes . . . . With holistic, engaging and personalized workplace wellness programs that encourage and achieve great participation, employees lead healthier and more productive lives.” That’s a direct quote from the president and CEO of…

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