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Intellectual Wellness: How Hungry Are You To Learn?

If you’re reading even this first line, chances are your intellectual wellness is already pretty solid because you’re curious about it. The fact that you want to learn more about your wellness indicates you have a thirst for knowledge. And that’s awesome!

Intellectual Wellness Means Exercising Your Cognitive Powers

The obvious way is through education, but there are many more approaches that don’t involve enrolling in night school. We can all agree, your brain is a muscle, and you need to use it to keep it sharp and healthy. Give it a great workout by engaging in activities that challenge your mind, force you to solve problems or puzzles that broaden your cognitive powers and stretch your imagination.

Quality, Not Quantity

It’s important to understand that intelligence isn’t defined by how much you know. Intellectual wellness measures your willingness and ability to learn and apply new concepts to your everyday life. This one pillar of wellness should support the other five.

What’s the state of your current intellectual wellness? Take a moment to assess this short list:

  • Are you able to easily access the information you need?
  • How fast can you recall memories?
  • Can you solve problems without getting stressed?
  • Is your concentration easily broken?
  • Do you enjoy learning?
  • Can you become a better reader?
  • Is it difficult for you to learn new concepts?
  • Do you get confused easily?
  • What’s your reaction to those with higher intellect?
Find The Gaps and Fill Them

If you’re not sure how to accurately measure your current intellectual wellness, there are professionals who can give you valuable insight. In addition to understanding your emotional health, psychologists are also trained to aid in the understanding of knowledge. Remember, the goal isn’t to determine you’re intelligence. You’ve already read half this blog! Rather, it’s to determine what you can do to boost your intelligence—and point you to resources that can help you achieve your intellectual wellness goals.

The Sky’s The Limit

With a baseline of your intellectual wellness, you’re ready to set goals. The loftier the better; many avenues are free, thanks to the Internet, public libraries, and specialized meet-ups. Whatever you decide on, try to stick it out for a while. Give yourself permission to fail and try again. Making your mind stronger and sharper will pose just as many challenges as what goes into making your body stronger. Don’t let difficult roadblocks turn you away from your goals. In fact, the more you persist, the more resilient you’ll become. And guess what? That in itself will make your mind stronger over time.

Sharpest Tool In The Shed

Those with heightened intellectual wellness possess the best tools for life enhancement. In previous articles, we discussed the importance of physical, emotional and social wellness, and how those pillars support intelligence:

  • physical activities increase brain function and knowledge retention
  • proper nutrition promotes cognition and memory
  • proper sleep reduces stress on the brain
  • emotional balance frees up your ability to use logic to solve problems
  • all of the above boost your self-confidence

Are there any limits to intellectual wellness? No, there aren’t. And on that note, here’s a great quote to retain in that growing mind of yours:

Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.Carl von Clausewitz


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