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Organizations with a proven track record of caring for their employees have an edge toward attracting high-caliber talent. Are you one of them?

Taking the lead in forward-thinking programs that advance wellness is an important step toward that end. Join the growing movement toward preventative care by embracing digital health solutions that are free to your employees.

Innovative tracking and gamification of wellness programs using WTHN’s Health Oriented Pairing Engine (our HOPE app) promote whole-person health. As a result, this sharable, HIPAA-compliant ecosystem will increase productivity and wellness and reduce overall healthcare costs in the long run.

Whole-Person Health Tracking

Embrace HOPE

Anonymity is a key component in making sure employees utilize the services they need that target sensitive areas of whole-person wellness.

  • A third-party application,
  • free to health seekers,
  • that promotes engagement,
  • offers services and educational resources,
  • is HIPAA-compliant,
  • and can be shared with employees’ friends and families

is the system most likely to be used. Our HOPE digital health app is the wellness ecosystem that will track and gamify employee whole-person wellness for maximum engagement and goal-oriented success in WTHN’s 6 Pillars of Wellness.

Areas Not Covered By Health Insurance

With the rising cost of co-pay and deductibles, many insured employees are increasingly skipping visits to healthcare providers until they’re absolutely necessary.

What if these employees had their own private ecosystem of service providers that could compete for their attention in peripheral areas of care—the other five pillars of wellness? Sensitive, highly private needs for emotional, financial, spiritual, social and intellectual wellness aren’t covered by health insurance. But when they’re used, and when competition allows their cost to be minimized, the benefits to individual wellness are invaluable.

We believe promoting support of the 6 Pillars of Wellness will boost morale, lead to a healthier and more productive workforce and lower overall healthcare costs in the long term.

Let Us Prove The Benefits

Consider HOPE

Our HOPE digital health app is entering Phase 2 Beta February 2017. Once the platform is robust with providers, Phase 3 begins an exciting period of analytics. WTHN invites employers to consider offering our free HOPE app to their workforce.

Be a part of the shift to Wellness 2.0 By joining our Phase 3 Beta, you enable our data scientists a larger sample for curating statistics that we believe will prove the benefits of tracking and gamifying whole-person health pegged to our 6 Pillars of Wellness.

Employers who participate will receive aggregated analytical reports of user engagement and the most widely sought after services in our digital health ecosystem. Additionally, reports on wellness tangents that might interest  employers will be tailor-made to their employee audience.

As WTHN moves closer to user testing and implementation, we invite the partnership of employers to make our HOPE platform the best it can be.

For more information and how to sign up your employees as beta users in anticipation of Phase 3.

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