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Health Seekers: Shift to Wellness 2.0

Add proactive mojo to your healthcare. Advances in digital health applications, spurred by the power of the Internet and smart algorithms, do just that. When you combine smart devices with health tracking, you have the capability to customize your health and wellness needs. Gamify your goals and progress and you might actually realize success.

Importantly, with the real-time, on demand capabilities of digital health tracking, you can be on the offensive instead of on the defensive. Monitor yourself and make the shift to preventative care. Because that’s what true health care is about. Rather than wait to get sick, as we’ve been trained to do all our lives, try to stay well instead!

This is what control is all about. And this is the future of healthcare. Wellness 2.0

Straight Line, In Real Time

Shortest Distance To Your Goals

When was the last time you set a life-changing goal and failed to achieve it? Maybe your path to awesomeness was too long, too hard, or you just didn’t know where to start. That’s the case for many people: The destination isn’t the problem, the path itself is the problem. When your goal is whole-person wellness, you’ll need a path without obstruction, as short as possible, and easy to navigate.

Your Path To Awesomess should be straight and without detours or obstacles. WTHN’s digital health pairing engine will steer you down this path. Important data and analytics tailored to your needs will help you find streamlined solutions to minimize trial and error. Most of all, it will also maximize your ability to discover the best treatment options in your area. Another benefit of our platform will be the experiences of other users, those willing to share their challenges and successes with others facing similar circumstances.

(+Body) * (+Mind) = A Healthy You

Wellness Is Not One-Dimensional

In order to understand how to thrive—not just live—start on The Path To Awesomeness. First, you need to understand the whole you: The 6 Pillars of Wellness. What are they and how do they work together to create a whole-person approach to true health care? The 6 Pillars address the primary categories that support the most important aspects of healthy, happy human beings. Mapping your wellness among the 6 Pillars helps ensure you are maximizing your life.

Let’s start with the basics.

Each of these pillars works together and is affected by the another. For example, if your physical wellness is compromised, it will impact your emotional, social and financial wellness. If you’re financially unwell, it affects your stress levels which immediately erodes your physical, emotional and social health.

Of course, you probably know this and have seen it in action. But what can we do about it? How can we minimize weakness in a vulnerable area and perhaps overcome it, once and for all? You can learn more in our extensive blogs about each pillar.

Smart Technology Makes You Smarter

Now For The Fun Stuff

Why The Health Not?™ wants to be your health tracking analytics solution. Through digital health applications, smart technology, data science, and the power of the Internet, we’ve designed a matchmaking platform that makes progressive medicine attainable, affordable and available for everyone—everywhere. As a result, WTHN gives people power over their lives! First of all, in order to develop a better picture of your overall wellness, it’s essential to establish a baseline in all 6 Pillars. Customize each pillar according to your wants and needs. Then go exploring in our ecosystem of wellness . . . (see word image below).

Once your baseline is established, you can track your progress, raise awareness of what relates to your goals, and make your goals a reality. Much like an Olympic athlete, the only way to really know where you stand in terms of health is by staying up-to-speed on what’s really going on. Accomplish this by using a platform that let’s you chart all aspects of wellness.

Like You Weren't Sold Already?

Statistics Prove Tracking Works

According to the Pew Research Center for Internet, sciences and tech,

“seven in ten U.S. adults track a health indicator for themselves or for a loved one . . . . Keeping notes on one’s health has been shown to be a tool for improving it, but up until now there has been no measure of how many people engage in this activity.”

WTHN’s digital health app allows you to track a variety of data, for you or your loved ones. Importantly, WTHN’s data scientists will provide analytics to prove the benefits of health tracking among all 6 Pillars of Wellness.

Additional data from Pew states the following, as reported in their article of January 2013 titled, “Tracking For Health:”

  • 46% of trackers say that this activity has changed their overall approach to maintaining their health or the health of someone for whom they provide care
  • 40% of trackers say it has led them to ask a doctor new questions or to get a second opinion from another doctor
  • 34% of trackers say it has affected a decision about how to treat an illness or condition
  • 7 in 10 U.S. adults have tracked a health indicator for themselves or for someone else

And this is only a baseline. Advances in digital health technology, including our new pairing engine, promise infinite potential, right in the palm of your hands.

In conclusion, mapping your six pillars of wellness will give you a real-time snapshot of the whole you. Now, you can spot deficiencies and positive spurts as you move toward your wellness goals. The more time, attention and effort you put into it, the more likely you’ll notice when things begin to go wrong.

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Be a part of our movement for whole-person wellness and digital health tracking.

Shift to Wellness 2.0

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