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Re-Defining Wellness

The movement to forward-thinking preventative care from outdated, expensive defensive care is happening. And service providers need to be a part of it.

Advances in digital health platforms are poised to take the edge off soaring healthcare costs by shifting to an offensive strategy of whole-person wellness. This means individuals can take back ownership of wellness choices that are tailor-made to their needs, on their time, and on demand.

Service providers supporting the 6 Pillars of Wellness play an important role in whole-person health. WTHN’s mission to shift the mindset of individuals away from our current “sick” care system to true “health” care offers opportunities to expand your business.

Our new digital health platform for wellness seekers offers a straight line toward growing your clientele.

Are You A Wellness Service Provider?

6 Pillars of Wellness

The specialties supporting whole-person health are defined by WTHN’s 6 Pillars of Wellness, including but not limited to the following specialties:

  • Physical: Traditional healthcare practitioners (internists & specialists) and rehabilitative service providers (chiropractors, sports medicine & rehab specialists).
  • Emotional: Mental health providers and counselors.
  • Intellectual: Motivational & life coaches, higher education organizations, trade-specific training groups, dietitians, etc.
  • Financial: Accounting professionals, wealth planners, debt assistance specialists, insurance professionals.
  • Spiritual: Faith-based organizations, non-denominational support groups and organizations, addiction support groups, motivational & life support coaches, etc.
  • Social: Professional meet-up groups, cultural organizations, travel tour groups, hobbyist groups, book clubs, dinner clubs, etc.

If your profession focuses on any of the above, or a tangent thereof, you’re a wellness service provider that may benefit from our digital health ecosystem of health seekers.

Ecosystem of Health Seekers

SaaS Platform

WTHN has developed a digital health platform where health seekers can map and track their customized 6 Pillars of Wellness. Our Health Oriented Pairing Engine (our HOPE app) will match their needs to a service provider in their area.

Health tracking means real-time, on-demand wellness gamification. HOPE is a HIPAA-compliant ecosystem allowing users the capability for up-to-date communication and maintenance of active programs. Not only does this mean higher engagement and success rates for individual wellness goals, it also means clarity in what the needs are to meet those goals. Providers in our SaaS ecosystem of HOPE have a straight line to those in need of their services, according to the 6 Pillars of Wellness.

WTHN forecasts a user-to-provider ratio of 30:1 based on census bureau demographics of the metropolitan Boise, Idaho area. This ratio reflects the preliminary start-up phase of HOPE. As we scale our ecosystem of health seekers and service providers, increased awareness of benefits could improve this ratio is even more.

Straight Line Strategy

Targeted Awareness

If you’re like most professionals, you already have advertising in place to raise awareness of your services. However, traditional ad placement both in print and online doesn’t necessarily equate to expanded clientele and revenue growth.

As yourself these questions:

  • What’s the ROI of your current advertising?
  • Are you merely adding a spec to the vastness of the ethernet?
  • How can people who need you find you without getting distracted by dozens, hundreds, thousands of competitors?

Joining our SaaS digital platform gives you a direct line toward users in your area interested in whole-person wellness and the 6 Pillars.

SaaS User Benefits

Justifying SaaS fees means subscription users get a significantly different user experience than free subscribers. Making our digital platform free to health seekers is critical toward achieving our goal to shift mindsets from defensive sick care to proactive health care.

SaaS subscribers benefit from our wellness-oriented ecosystem. The advertising and messaging you already have in place has a home in this expanding, targeted ecosystem.

Benefits for SaaS subscribers include:

  • Real-time management of advertising and marketing
  • Tiered structure of video marketing
  • Analytics showing user engagement, trends in 6 Pillars, and more
  • White-label opportunities
  • Customized provider profiles that include white papers, testimonials, and more

The opportunities for expanding your business to those who need it most in your area are exciting and in your control:

A tailored, real-time approach toward advancing your authority in any of the 6 Pillars of Wellness.

To learn more about how to position your business within our HOPE platform and participate in the value-added of our SaaS digital health ecosystem, contact WTHN today.

Our business development team is looking forward to sharing the exciting journey toward Wellness 2.0

Shift to Wellness 2.0

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