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Chiropractic Care for Whole Person Wellness

Twenty-two million Americans visit chiropractors every year according to WebMD. So there’s no doubt it’s become a go-to treatment for health seekers that want to avoid surgery and/or medication. But only 35% of these patients use chiropractic for pain and injuries. Because there are many other benefits.

Chiropractic Care Targets Whole Person Wellness

Since Why The Health Not?™ advocates the importance of whole-person wellness, chiropractic care cannot be ignored as an important defensive strategy. Because it’s one that strives to make your body do what it was intended to do, naturally. As a result, this minimizes major health events in the future.

In our hometown of Boise, Idaho, there are almost 200 chiropractic offices. In the offices of Gonstead Spine & Wellness, there’s a sign that greets patients with the profound statement:

“Chiropractic is health insurance.”

Once you educate yourself on what chiropractic care offers you’ll realize why this statement makes sense. It’s not just a temporary approach to minimize pain or inflammation. It’s a homeopathic maintenance program that ensures your nervous system is firing properly so you can enjoy a lifetime of health. This gets right to the heart of whole person wellness and preventative care.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Gonstead’s Dr. Todd Pickman says, “Chiropractic treatments empower the body to work the way it was intended to.” Importantly, it’s all about the core communicators in our body: the brain and the spinal cord, collectively known as the body’s nervous system. At Northside Chiropractic, Dr. Kevin Davis adds, “Nervous system optimization means good health, naturally.”

Chiropractors seek out the root problem for the body’s lack of proper functionality. The medical approach focuses on pharmaceuticals and surgery to treat symptoms. While it’s true that some patients with severe symptoms could need medical interventions, many others could greatly benefit from adjustments that target root causes. And for longer periods of time. Exams to find these root causes include x-rays and physicals targeting reflexes, among other in-office diagnostic techniques.

Empowerment Is Life-Changing

Once relief begins to replace discomfort, patients become empowered as hope begins to replace fear. Northside’s Dr. Mick Tiegs notes, “Patients see the value in that. We ask them questions about their exercise and nutrition, and continue monitoring their progress in every appointment. They see us as a lifestyle partner that gets them on track so they can achieve their wellness goals.”

Empowerment through teamwork in the physical pillar of wellness becomes a strong foundation for improvements in other wellness pillars. A strong body means a strong mind (intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellness). Now, you’re ready to tackle the world and take a place at the table of success (financial and social wellness).

In conclusion, how are you tackling your whole person wellness? Watch these videos to determine if chiropractic might be the answer to some of your problems.