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Why The Health Not IndieGoGo A Digital Health App
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Why The Health Not IndieGoGo A Digital Health Platform?

A digital health IndieGoGo campaign is currently underway. Why The Health Not?™  wants to raise awareness and funding for its new algorithm and platform, entering Phase 2 Beta February 2017. As a result, health seekers and wellness professionals are needed as users of its new Health Oriented Pairing Engine (H.O.P.E.). Most importantly, this comprehensive wellness ecosystem propels healthcare to Wellness 2.0.

Because an  innovative, on demand, real-time health tracking and gamification platform in a HIPAA-compliant digital ecosystem means whole-person wellness.

Therefore, Why The Health Not IndieGoGo?

Campaign: Build the Bridge to HOPE

Contributions, first of all, help build The Bridge To HOPE. Since WTHN aims to shift people away from the old (“sick” care) to the new preventative model (true “health” care), a bridge is needed to make that happen. So, enter the infamous bridge of Tbilisi, Georgia. You may remember it was built to connect the old war-torn section of the city to the newly built one over the Kura River. Most noteworthy is what this bridge represents: HOPE for the future. Similarly, major advances in digital health tech are the bridge to the future of healthcare. And WTHN wants to build one of the most important bridge of all. Because this is best way to give the power of healthcare back to individuals.

6 Pillars of Wellness

Since the foundation of overall health is rooted in many areas of our lives, the HOPE algorithm incorporates six categories of wellness. Almost all individuals need help in any particular one of the following 6 Pillars of Wellness:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Social

In addition to pairing users with providers in each of the above pillars, HOPE also directs health seekers to relevant services, resources and educational materials according to individual specs. Therefore, HOPE is a vast, comprehensive, proprietary digital ecosystem.

As a result, specific input from users and providers creates individualized wellness solutions for personal lifestyle management. Finally, HOPE is a secure, HIPAA-compliant smartphone app, with real-time collaboration and gamification for maximum engagement and positive outcomes.

Find the IndieGoGo Campaign:
“Why The Health Not?: H.O.P.E., A New Digital Bridge To Total Wellness”

While you’re on the campaign  page, look inside the smartphone app and learn about a variety of perks, including:

  • get first access to the full app
  • receive “The Path To Awesomeness” book
  • add your personal story in a blog to the virtual Bridge of HOPE
  • tell your personal or professional story in an animated short
  • highlight your business to HOPE users in a three-part series

While the IndieGoGo campaign is live until December 1, 2016, WTHN developers are readying for the Phase 2 beta launch of the smartphone app in February 2017.

Maybe you can Help WTHN build the Bridge to HOPE. And participate in true health care, Wellness 2.0, especially relevant to everyone. Since digital health tracking and gamification is the straightest line to real-time life management, it probably means the difference between surviving and thriving.

Video Testimonials and More Information

In conclusion, watch this short video to get a glimpse into the importance of WTHN’s preventative wellness concept. Why The Health Not IndieGoGo? is a question you can probably answer as you help Build the Bridge to Hope. Most of all, you can start your own journey to whole-person wellness and true health care. Consequently, that is WTHN’s ultimate goal. And it should be yours, too!

Because Why The Health Not?™