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Healthiest Companies In America by WTHN
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Healthiest Companies in America Embrace Wellness

“The Healthiest Companies in America award recipients prove that employers can both engage their employees and improve their health outcomes . . . . With holistic, engaging and personalized workplace wellness programs that encourage and achieve great participation, employees lead healthier and more productive lives.”

That’s a direct quote from the president and CEO of Interactive Health, Cathy Kenworthy, in an article by Employee Benefit News (EBN) that discusses what makes a wellness program truly successful. The answer will vary based on how deep an employer is willing to go. For example, EBN asks some important questions an employer sponsor should consider:

  1. “Does having healthier employees who use less sick time make a wellness program successful . . .”
  2. “. . . or does the continued investment in an employee’s HSA [Health Savings Account] make the program?”
  3. “Is physical health the goal or is it financial, or mental, or even social?”
Wellness Is Not One Dimensional

Why The Health Not?™ believes true healthcare must address a variety of hidden factors that determine physical wellbeing. Because uncovering the underlying root causes of stress—whether they be financial, emotional, social, intellectual, or spiritual challenges—are the systemic prognosticators of healthy, successful, productive employees.

While some companies recognized among the Healthiest Companies in America focus on promoting physical health in their wellness programs, others go beyond. Ms. Kenworthy’s company includes addressing emotional needs. Yet another, Benefitfocus, targets financial wellness, citing the increasingly debt-laden millennial generation as they enter the workforce.

Employer’s Are Evaluated By Job Seekers

Yes, financial help with student debt is a big plus for millennial job seekers. But the most important shift happening in today’s job market is how far employers will go to recognize the myriad stressors of a complicated, hectic world. There is no doubt competition is fierce, the pace of life is blurry, juggling priorities remains an art, and paying for it all is . . . well, hard.

Employers that prove they understand these overwhelming and universal challenges among their workforce are increasingly viewed as career-worthy destinations. So, if the need exists and you offer it, does that mean engagement, improved whole person wellness, and the Holy Grail: reduced healthcare costs?

Engagement With Benefits Equals Success

To repeat from the opening quote of this article,

“holistic, engaging and personalized workplace wellness programs,” is the end game.

And it describes our vision at Why The Health Not?™ It’s our end game, too. You see, our Health Oriented Pairing Engine (our HOPE app) is a digital health platform—a whole person digital ecosystem—that tracks and gamifies 6 Pillars of Wellness.

In order to promote engagement and success toward meeting individual wellness goals, we plan on having a robust ecosystem of providers that can service all areas of wellness for health seekers. We’re also counting on forward-thinking employers to jump on board by promoting our digital health platform to their workforce.

Consequently, we’re signing on professionals who target 6 Pillars of Wellness as we build out our HOPE app (currently slated for Phase 2 Beta Feb 2017). We expect an enthusiastic level of engagement since we’ll be offering HOPE in emotional, financial, intellectual, social and spiritual health. And that’s on top of the all-important segment of physical health. Therefore, we also expect a greater chance of wellness-oriented success.

Healthiest Companies in America Making WTHN’s Case

One of the success stories cited in EBN’s article is Crowley Holdings, Inc. As stated in the article, “Crowley’s objectives were to:

  • “Continue reducing healthcare costs
  • “Improve health outcomes
  • “Increase program participation by both employees and their spouses
  • “Use the program as an employee recruitment and retention tool
  • “Enhance the company’s overall culture of wellness”

Great minds think alike. For these bullet points reflect the premise behind supporting our digital health HOPE app. When an employer truly desires the above, the answer will be found in advances in smart algorithms that put health seekers in control of preventative care and whole person wellness.

Discover HOPE, Learn More

Employers large and small are poised for success when they implement the tools that make their vision for tomorrow begin today. Interested in how digital health can help engage and improve your workforce?

Visit and discover our HOPE app. Learn about our passion to shift from “sick” care to Wellness 2.0. Our HIPAA-compliant ecosystem is anonymous, sharable and educational. And it’s free to all health seekers.

You can help fine-tune a real-time, on-demand support structure that can have a positive long term effect on your company:

Systemic health in your organization, from the workforce itself, in all 6 Pillars, is an important first step.

Because Why The Health Not?™