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Wellness Providers Meet Why The Health Not?™
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WELLNESS PROVIDERS: Good Health Is Good Business

So why is good health good business? Seems like the professionals themselves have some answers to that question. You see, I speak with wellness providers almost everyday about how Why The Health Not?™ is crafting solutions to help wellness seekers find wellness solutions. And while we hone our own approach, it’s especially relevant to view solutions that speak to the providers’ point of view.

Wellness Providers Thrive On Connections

Consequently, their connections are invaluable. Why? Because wellness providers are “in the trenches” with health seekers. As a result, these direct relationships contain valuable insights from both sides. They get to the heart of what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, if the connection between the two is clouded by miscommunication or mistrust, it can’t last and the wellness chain breaks. The top priority for these professional is to maintain a bond with every client. It sustains a patient’s progress toward better health and it also enables providers a heads up on necessary follow-ups. Maybe most noteworthy of all is it promotes sharing the latest developments and resources that could benefit the patient.

Bridge The Gaps Between Wellness Areas

As lower healthcare costs become more important than ever, the trend toward preventative care is also increasingly important. Consequently, the shift to whole-person wellness uncovers several overlooked treatment areas that are not covered by most health insurance plans. However, these have a direct impact on individual wellbeing due to the stresses they can cause. And these stressors erode confidence, motivation and even the immune system itself. Maybe if we close the gap between seekers and providers—in a variety of “nontraditional” wellness sectors, as well—this may boost preventative health practices and professions. Importantly, it may also lower healthcare costs.

P2P Communication Via Digital Health Platform

Why The Health Not?™ also believes communication is key to patients’ wellbeing. Importantly, our digital health platform is a HIPAA-compliant ecosystem through which patients and health seekers can track all aspects of their treatment programs. Imagine the benefits of being connected to your patients and the other providers who are treating complementary aspects of their health. How powerful would regular Patient-to-Provider and Provider-to-Provider communication be toward insuring health goals are met, medications are properly administered, lapses in follow up minimized? It’s possible with our digital health platform.

Do You Service A Pillar of Wellness?

While good health involves whole-person wellness, Why The Health Not?™ identifies them as 6 Pillars of Wellness. Each pillar is notably detailed in blogs and you can link for additional reading by clicking each pillar listed below. Our health oriented pairing engine (the HOPE app, slated for Phase 2 Beta February 2017), offers wellness providers a proprietary digital health platform from which they may be matched with health seekers. Therefore, if you offer services that promote wellness in

  • physical,
  • emotional,
  • intellectual,
  • social,
  • spiritual,
  • and financial wellness,

you’re also servicing an important pillar of wellness and there’s a community in our HOPE app where you’ll probably find a warm welcome.

Consider, first of all, how you can achieve the goal of these questions:

  1. can you offer better customer service to clients?
  2. could you generate more referrals from existing customers or patients?
  3. might you be more efficient in the marketing of your practice?
  4. share the costs of media, videos, or public relations with other professionals?
  5. maximize social media’s power of persuasion?

Now consider this: Join a collaborative marketing network on a digital health and wellness platform. Our HOPE app fits the bill. What it offers includes:

  • Proactive support network for customers or patients
  • proactive wellness solution for employees
  • customer acquisition tool for the business
  • collaborative marketing network to leverage referrals from like-minded businesses or practices
  • social support network and real-time wellness map for personal needs

In conclusion, the HOPE app smart algorithm matches individual consumers with wellness providers, products, services, and educational materials.

The mission of Why The Health Not?™ is to simplify healthcare by connecting people to the services and resources they need for whole-person wellness.

Join Phase 2 Beta Today

Finally, our business development team is currently filling provider spots in a variety of wellness sectors mentioned above. Most noteworthy: The HOPE proprietary ecosystem is a direct line to an expanded clientele. Additionally, you have a great opportunity to find potential clients. We forecast a health-seeker-to-wellness-provider ratio of 30:1, based on the demographics of the Boise, Idaho metropolitan region. Therefore, if you service the 6 Pillars of Wellness, we offer an ecosystem of HOPE.

So please visit to learn more about our HOPE app digital health platform. Make it your business to explore how a shift in preventative care propels healthcare to Wellness 2.0.

Because Why The Health Not?™